Mijn eerste keer

My first time

My first time

It was my first time.
After I put so much effort and energy into it,
was it that time. finally I was allowed to do it.

It was a little awkward in the beginning, but it got better and better.

we had already made the appointment, it was going to happen that was certain.
I also went there to do it.
I arrived there, the door was opened.
I walked in and introduced myself.
Hello, I'm Cor, not a joke, not a real introduction, but hopefully to the point.
there was even someone who was going to help me to show how.

I was assigned and told to have door 6.
I looked awkwardly where door 6 was.
we went to get her. Mercedes was her name.
I would have preferred the others, but that didn't work, so I had to deal with Mercedes.
I touched Mercedes, she felt a little cold and I could tell from her appearance that she already had something on it.

With Mercedes I went to door 6.
it was going to happen there.
Mercedes was made ready for the real action, and it really got me hot, especially Mercedes.
I followed the person who had prepared Mercedes for the real action,
and there I was finally allowed !!!
My first time !!
I opened my bag and unpacked something.
I put it in her slot, and suddenly my name was there.
after I played with some buttons she became even warmer.
She rattled every time I played with it.
But part of her was very cold.
That was the intention, but that really gave me the shivers now and then.
A part of her right side was even colder than her left.

After being busy with Mercedes all day, I said goodbye to her.
for the last time I pressed the button next to her slot, and what came out I put in my bag again,
it was time to say goodbye.
I went home and told that I had a wonderful day.
I went to sleep with a smile.

But the next day I received a call.
It was so good that I was allowed on Monday.
The only question is, do I get that other person? or do I get Mercedes?

Via 24/7 chauffeur services I drove with a plow, which drives the Sligro cars.
And yes, on the right was the freezer compartment, and on the left were the refrigerated items.

It was since I got my driver's license, my first time on the truck.
luckily it felt familiar, and it was a wonderful day.
the co-driver showed me something,
and the Mercedes truck was completely intact at the end of the day.