De hufterigheid zelf

The foolishness itself

The foolishness itself

In every house we sometimes have a great moment.
Were it not for the fact that a stupid moment is not permanent.
But where does the bastard company come from ?!

On television we must always see how someone else's opinion is imposed on us if that were the truth.
Could there be a separate case of a news-like thing, which appeals to ministers in such a way that they give a not too diplomatic answer to this by inconvenience?
Then it is of course normal for them to make this very clear.
But what kind of stupid behavior is that ?! how fuzzy you have to be that you want to put another audience in this position.

There are also websites where you can read about misery about people.
These people never asked for this publicity.
However, people of this kind of websites think that they should make the choice to show this.

It often comes down to in society
It cannot be friendly.
How far can you go? Hang out the adult adolescent.
How much fake power can be felt at the expense of the other's dignity.

I hurt so I exist.
But actually it is:
I give my powerlessness such a place.

You also notice bastiness in traffic.
This is not a matter of hurting, but what is it?
In particular, it is a matter of work pressure, haste, contempt and so on.
Because why do you have to cut your car exactly for that truck and then put it on your brakes?
and if there is a cloning because you are a nuisance, then especially the familiar finger.
and a few meters away you go full again on your brakes, because he should not have horned to correct you.

Can we actually summarize this kind of foolishness as:
contempt for yourself, but especially blindness for the world ?!

Everyone talks about society being shattered, but nobody is doing anything about it.
especially pointing to someone else, but looking up the known websites.
be blind to your ignorance, but shout out that you are worth more than you really are.

I am not participating in this.
yes i am open and direct, but always with respect.
You don't learn lousiness, you are, or you are not.
Then let me be love, I leave the bastard to others.